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The main function of the sunshade net is to block the glare

2023-04-10 17:16:23

Due to the high temperature in summer, it is necessary for vegetable farmers to use shade nets to shade and cool vegetables. In summer, in order to prevent high temperature obstacles, vegetable farmers often use sunshade to reduce the temperature in the shed. In actual production, vegetable farmers choose a variety of sunshade methods, some of which are covered with black and silver gray sunshade nets to cool down, and some are sprayed with mud and ink on plastic films to cool down. The shading effects of these different shading methods are definitely different.

The main function of the sunshade net is to block the strong light and reduce the temperature of the greenhouse. Covering the sunshade net is an important measure for the production of greenhouse vegetables in high temperature seasons. However, if you choose an inappropriate shade net, it will not only cause the plants to grow in vain, but also not conducive to flowering and fruit setting. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the shielding net scientifically and rationally.

1. Don't judge the quality of sunshade nets by color: the sunshade nets currently on the market are mainly black and silver gray. The shading net has a high shading rate and quick cooling, which is suitable for short-term coverage of fields that require fine management in hot summer. The silver shade net has a low shading rate, suitable for light-loving vegetables and long-term coverage.

2. The quality of the sunshade net is not determined by the color, but the color of the sunshade net is added in the raw material manufacturing process. Therefore, different vegetables should choose different shade nets. Tomatoes, for example, are a light-loving crop. As long as there is 11-13 hours of sunshine, the plants will grow vigorously and bloom earlier. Although the effect of light time on tomato is not so important, light intensity is directly related to yield and quality. Insufficient light can easily cause plant malnutrition, excessive growth, and reduced flowering.

3. It is necessary to distinguish which material the sunshade net is made of: there are currently two types of production materials for the sunshade net on the market, one is to use high-density polyethylene 5000S color masterbatch and anti-aging masterbatch produced by petrochemical enterprises through pulling The other is made of recycled old sunshade nets or plastic products through reprocessing. It is understood that sunshade nets made of recycled materials not only have low smoothness, hard feel, and pungent smell, but also have a short service life, most of which can only be used for one year. The high-density polyethylene sunshade net is anti-aging and durable, with a service life of up to 4 years.

4. Be careful when buying sunshade nets by weight: There are two ways to sell sunshade nets on the market: one is to sell by area, and the other is to sell by weight.


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