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What kind of grid cloth is more popular in winter?

2023-04-03 17:16:35

What kind of grid cloth is more popular in winter?

Unknowingly, the grid cloth has ushered in the winter, and the construction of the external wall insulation system has also become targeted. What is the material of the external wall insulation system? It is nothing more than extruded board, glass fiber mesh cloth, thermal insulation mortar, thermal insulation nails and so on. The best-selling specifications of fiberglass mesh in the East and West are targeted. Below is a brief introduction by Zhiyuan’s editor.

In winter, the mesh cloth is usually made of emulsion mesh cloth. First, it is easy to store. In the cold environment, the shape of the mesh cloth is not easy to be damaged and can maintain good toughness. Because the construction of the mesh cloth is not affected The environment is affected, so it is recommended to use emulsion mesh cloth when choosing mesh cloth in winter. It not only has good toughness but also has a good heat preservation effect. When a thermal bridge is generated, it can store energy well and release and absorb it according to the indoor temperature.



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