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Can the grid cloth be used normally if it is baked yellow?

2023-03-27 17:16:43

The normal color of the grid cloth is white, but sometimes it will appear yellow during the production process of the mesh cloth, that is to say, there is some yellow mixed in the white. This yellow color is not artificial or intentionally filled. . And this is also uncontrollable, and sometimes the temperature will be difficult to control after a long time of reproduction. At the same time, yellow spots will appear when the temperature suddenly rises, so if the grid cloth is baked and turns yellow, will it affect it? After we passed continuous tests, we found that it basically has no effect on our normal use when it is baked yellow. Just some impact on appearance. If you are using it yourself, this will not affect anything. But if it is sold, there will be some impact. This is also a project that we are trying our best to control. We have improved a lot in the process of re-production recently, replacing the coal-fired furnace with an electric furnace, so that the temperature will be well controlled. I remember that a customer once sent a sample, which was this kind of roasted yellow. The customer said that this color is very beautiful, so he wanted to buy this kind of product. After seeing the samples, we suddenly felt an indescribable feeling. After explaining to the customer, we finally persuaded the customer to buy the orange one. Our company produces mesh cloth of various specifications, and can add various colors at the same time, looking forward to your cooperation.


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